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Plumbing Tools

There are several essential plumbing tools that any plumber should have on hand, from adjustable wrenches to pipe cutters. While most plumbers don’t use a hammer to cut pipes, these tools are incredibly useful for plumbing jobs. An adjustable wrench will help you open tight fittings, such as compression fittings, and hexagon-shaped nuts. A high-quality one will have a firm jaw setting that won’t slip during operation.

Plumber Tools Online

Another essential plumbing tool is the tubing cutter. This tool makes clean square cuts on copper pipe with less effort than a hacksaw. It has a thin cutting wheel that applies pressure to the cut and requires less effort than a hacksaw. This tool must be clamped onto the pipe and turned around, and the cutting wheel will gradually cut the pipe. Often times, a tubing cutter comes with a de-burring tool as well.

Wrenches are a must-have for every plumber. These tools are versatile and can be used to remove and tighten pipes and fixtures. They are especially useful for cleaning out clogged drains. To buy plumbing tools, visit the House & Trade Supplies. And remember to bring a cloth when using them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Don’t forget to buy a variety of tools, not just one.

Plumbers consider borescopes top-of-the-line technology. Most plumbers carry them, but you can buy a prosumer version of them for your smartphone. Borescopes are tiny cameras on flexible cables that are designed for deep insertion into sewers and drains. They give plumbers the clearest view of the pipes that they need to repair. Buying the proper plumbing tools for a plumber is a wise investment.