Key Features of Portable Light Towers

There are a few key features you should look for in Portable Light Towers. First, make sure the unit is tiltable and can be rotated. Also, many portable light towers have timed start and stop functions. Some models have metal halide lights that provide great illumination, though they can take up to five minutes to warm up, so you may not need them immediately. If you plan to use the light tower regularly, you may want to consider a battery-operated unit that runs off a standard outlet.

The long-range capability of Portable Light towers allows for flexible placement of the light fixtures and maximizes their efficiency. These portable light towers feature state-of-the-art technology and exceed government regulations for worksite illumination. Each unit features four 1000-watt light fixtures and a 30-foot, variable-height mast, enabling them to shine a uniform pattern of light across a wide worksite.

Portable Light

Portable Light towers feature durable, rugged Perkins diesel engines and premium four-pole generators. They feature a large fuel tank and an electric fuel gauge that monitors fuel levels via an engine controller. Plus, they boast low fuel consumption and are designed to last for several years. Their features also reduce refueling costs and protect them from ground contamination. However, some of the above-mentioned options may not be available for aftermarket installation.

VMS Solutions -only Light Towers have served as the go-to emergency lighting tower for emergency response teams, police departments, and other agencies. These towers are portable and feature a telescoping tower, two winches for easy raising and lowerng, and LED or balloon lights for superior illumination. In addition, these towers feature independent aiming without the need for tools.

The long-range performance of these light towers is also a key factor in their efficiency. These towers fit onto a 53-foot flatbed and can be maneuvered with a fold-up tow bar. Their compact design doesn’t compromise on performance, as they can run for 240 hours straight out of the box. And since they are diesel-only, they produce less emissions and emit less carbon dioxide than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

If you need a portable light tower but don’t need a lot of power, you should consider a VMS Solutions Only Portable Light Tower. These light towers are perfect for a variety of applications and have a range of features to help you in your job. For example, Light Towers feature powerful LEDs and independent light aiming. They also feature a 24-1/2-foot vertical tower and can be aimed independently. You can also choose a tower that features balloon lights or metal halide lights. These towers can operate on four-pole generators or industrial diesel engines, and many models are capable of autonomous operation.

The VMS Solutions -Only Portable Light Towers come with a 20kW mobile generator that delivers more surplus power than any other brand in the market. The smallest Light Tower features a 20-kilowatt electric motor, making it ideal for work zones and active traffic management deployments. The Compact Light Towers are compact, with the tallest mast and the largest fuel tank. Plus, they feature auxiliary fuel for long-term use in remote locations.

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